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The Internet Damaging Our Brains via prdaily.


..Finally, someone knows how to dance to Skrillex



Skins 6 Trailer

..Can’t wait for 23rd January 2012 !!

iPlate Concept by Todd Borka

Who has never dreamed of being able to manage details of one’s own life like we manipulate today images on software like Photoshop? Who has never thought of doing ‘apple Z’ after breaking a glass? I have created theses series of funny plates following this kind of thoughts. These are winks!

For the users of image editing software, there are easily recognizable and fun codes. I think that everyone knows a friend who will have fun with an iPlate.

Then, you can try to import directly your steak from your fridge to your plate, change the colour of your fish or rub the beets!

Words by Ulule.com // Photo by Fubiz

I want this see-through doorknob

Haven’t you always wondered what is happening at the other side of any door that you bump into? Find this a brilliant, but crazy idea by Hideyuki Nakayama.

Words by Dee

'There YOU Are'— A Short Film by Wissa,

A beautiful short poetic film by wiissa for Film Racing. Lovely song & cinematography. Inspired to shoot a poetic film like this one day. ♥ Good job Wilson Philippe..

Words by Dee. Video by Vimeo.

APRICOT — A Short Film by Ben Briand,

Do you remember your first love? The first love of the rest of your life? With or without a belief in God, all loves are metaphors decipherable by allocations of time, circumstance, & understanding. A film that portrays some of the best cinematography I’ve ever seen. Sweet short.

Words by Dee. Video by Vimeo.